Who are we ?

Prest'All started its history in 2003, with the opening of an agency in Hagondange PREST'ALL LORRAINE.
Its ISO 45001 and CEFRI I certifications position PREST'ALL LORRAINE as THE indispensable supplier in the secondment of qualified maintenance personnel to nuclear, petrochemical and steel production sites.

PREST'ALL ALSACE opened its agency in 2015.
Its particular skills in the fields of welding, heavy boiler making, engineering structures and railways have contributed to its rapid notoriety throughout France.

Very quickly, the secondment of personnel to Germany became a necessity and the agency was strengthened with a person totally dedicated to this specificity. It is equipped with a legal service in the fiscal and legislative field.
Today PREST'ALL ALSACE is a leader in these fields.

In 2017 PREST'ALL responds to needs by opening PREST'ALL RH, which brings together the different types of contracts combining flexibility, legal security as well as placement. Such as the time-sharing contract, the CDI at the end of employability, the interim and seasonal contracts.

In 2020, with a strong demand in the field of transport, logistics, industrial production and construction, the creation of a new PREST'ALL CHRONO agency in Hagondange was necessary.
This structure is complementary and reinforces the PREST'ALL group.

In 2022, PREST'ALL reinforces its presence by the purchase of PRELOR located in Esch sur Alzette since 1994.
Consisting of a team of four experts in HR, the latter is specialized in the provision of personnel for the building, public works and industry.

Today the PREST'ALL - PRELOR group with its different domains, covers all sectors of activity and geography.