Prest'all tends more and more to broaden its horizons while remaining a specialist in the following sectors of activity:



Prest'all has made industry its core business and our knowledge of industrial areas and their companies is our strength.
Industrial jobs require specific and varied skills throughout the product's life cycle (design, definition, manufacturing, maintenance, recycling). These jobs require a wide range of skills, held by workers, technicians or engineers. The industry, in general, offers many job opportunities at all levels of the chain.


Prest'all has made a speciality within the industry, the metallurgy. The transformation of metals into finished or unfinished products covers a number of fields, from foundries to workshops for metal structures, boiler making and locksmithing to welding, casting, rolling or metal recycling companies.



The nuclear industry is France's 3rd largest industrial sector and is at the heart of tomorrow's energy and climate issues. Prest'all Lorraine places personnel in all French nuclear power plants. Secondment in this field requires specific qualities and skills that our staff masters.
We can follow and advise interim staff and candidates in their professional evolution towards the nuclear industry.


The building trades include both structural and finishing trades. Prest'all is regularly in search of personnel to put in place. Whether it is through small craftsmen or larger structures, we can help you find the position that will suit you best.


Prest'all specializes in qualified positions in the tertiary sector in the fields of secretarial work, accounting, sales, engineering, business management, etc. Our knowledge of and links with the companies in our sectors allow us to expand our offers and their variety.


Prest'all's expertise covers the transport and logistics sector, which concerns activities related to transport and its related activities. Thus we can offer you opportunities in freight handling, packaging, warehousing, inventory management, delivery of goods etc...



The Prest'All group is regularly seconded in the energy sector through clients specialized in industrial and building electricity (new or renovation). We also aim to develop in the heating/sanitary and air conditioning sectors.


On the public works side, urban road builders, machine operators and electrical and telecommunication network installers are popular profiles. There is also a need for supervisory positions: team leaders, site managers and works managers. Finally, with the rise of digital tools and 3D modeling, digital model experts (or BIM managers) will be increasingly sought after.